Friday, 25 September 2015

Episode 0: EU Refugee Crisis, Greek Elections & the Saudi Arabian Intervention in Yemen

In this pilot episode, Declan, Edward and Carter discuss the EU refugee crises, the recent Greek elections and the Saudi-led war in Yemen

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Intro (0:00 - 3:00)

Segment 1: EU Refugee Crisis (3:00  - 24:30)

[Apologies for a slightly prolonged silence in this segment due to a recording error. Carter corrected Declan on the number of refugees the EU program is expected to take in, that being 120,000]

Segment 2: Greek Elections (24:30 - 50:00)

Segment 3: Saudi Intervention in Yemen (50:00 - 1:13:30)

Recommendations (1:13:30 - 1:21:30)

Edward's Recommendation: Vox's Dylan Matthews on Autism and Vaccines

Carter's Recommendation: CBC Ideas on the Iran-Iraq War

Outro (1:21:30 - 1:22:30 )

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