Monday, 23 May 2016

Episode #20: True Blue (and Yellow and Green)

In this episode, Edward and Carter discuss the shape of the Conservative Party leadership contest and the recent upheaval in Brazil

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Intro (0:00 - 2:00)

Segment 1:  Is What's Happening in Brazil a Coup? (2:00 - 34:00)

Note: This segment was recorded before the release of new political call transcripts from Brazil, featured in this article. These transcripts seem to indicate a wider involvement of the Brazilian military and Supreme Court on the side of interim president Michel Temer.

Segment 2:  Let's Cheer for (Michael) Chong (34:00 - 1:01:00)

Recommended Reading & Outro (1:01:00 - 1:15:00)

Edward's Recommendation: What Makes Superdelegates So Super?

Carter's Recommendation: Does Donald Trump Have a Point on Foreign Policy?

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